The Ile de France sheep performs equally well in year-round housed systems, semi outdoors, year-round outdoors, or rangeland transhumant systems. It is to be found everywhere in France, in cereal-growing areas, in areas of enclosed fields, in the plain, in the mountains, in wet areas, in arid climates?

This breed is very easy to feed. For a meat breed, it makes excellent use of cheap forage such as straw for example, which is the only rough forage to be had on a good number of farms, as well as the by-products from arable crops.

The lambs are born with a good covering of wool, and adapt well to cold climates. The wool plays its insulating role in both cold and hot climates.  Ile de France ewes prosper in the south of France, and also in Morocco, South Africa and Brazil, in conditions of extreme heat.


The Ile-de-France well adapted to the cold (Switzerland)
In dry conditions (in South Africa)
Semi-extensive system (Brazil)
High mountain summer pastures (Switzerland)
The Ile-de-France sheep succeeds well in RSA South Africa